Erasmus+ - Migration (english)

German Version

It is the third time that our school, the NEUE MITTELSCHULE VÖLS, takes part in an international European project.

There are eight schools which take an active part in this venture. The schools are from Spain, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Croatia, Germany and Turkey.

The main focus of our project is MIGRATION in Europe. We are comparing the situation in the different countries and try to find and exchange  examples which can help us to improve the teaching in our multicultural classes.

In Völs there live people from many countries and that of course is reflecting the situation in our school. This is both a challenge and a job enrichment for our teachers. We think we have a lot of experience which we can contribute to this project.

The project is running by ERASMUS+ and financed by the European Union.

Get more information here or on our project website.