Be Refugees Guests

The refugees who are housed in the old firestation invited us to tell about their situation. We liked to go there and stayed for about two hours. They showed us their small flats where twenty of the displaced persons live. Then we had the chance to ask them why they have left their countries, why they have fled to Austria, how they like the new place and what are their plans for the future. In the end we enjoyed the freshly baked food which was offered to us.

Here is our report from our visit:

  • We have found out about their living situation in their home countries and the reasons why they had to leave their homes.
  • I didn`t know that many people are persecuted because of their religion.
  • I noticed that all of them started their getaway wihout their familly. They were on their own.
  • For their escape they went by ships, by cars or they just walked. It took them a very long time to come to Austria.
  • All of them had to pass Turkey and their `journey`was very exhausting.
  • But now they like their new home and above all they feel safe now.
  • The refugees sleep in bunk beds in a large room and for storing their food they have fridges.
  • Some of them would like to stay in Völs, the others want to go back in their home countries when the war is over.
  • Many of them  have their relatives in other countries. They try to send them money although they have not got much money themselves.
  • The refugees have learned  interesting jobs in their home countries.
  • We liked to listen to  sad but also encouraging stories.
  • We enjoyed the wonderful food, their politeness and especially we liked their humour.
  • It was a great pleasure for us that were invited to their homes and we appreciated this open- hearted talk.
  • It was surprising for us to see how well they were cooking.